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Questions and answers about working in the California State University from your union contract.

How Do I Know If I Am A Member

On each of your pay stubs, you will find a deduction coded either CSUEUF or CSUEUD. CSUEUF is Fair Share Fees and it is not union membership. This is a legal requirement to support the common bargaining and enforcement of the union contract. CSUEUD is union dues. This is full membership and allows you to vote in elections and enjoy other group benefits. You have to sign a membership card to fully join the Union. The difference is typically about ten cents per month and you can find more information about benefits of membership and how to join at our statewide CSUEU web site.

Union members have the right to elect officers (including those people who will be on the bargaining team), to vote on strike ballots, and to ratify contracts. An engaged membership is the only way a Union becomes strong enough to change the system and democratic enough to know the best changes to make. We also provide group benefits in insurance and other programs, a scholarship opportunity, and a life insurance policy. The greatest benefit is being part of a better CSU through our common efforts.

The Union is as strong as its membership and solidarity means everyone. Please talk to your coworkers about the importance of joining the Union. If we are united as a staff, we speak with One Voice to the President, to the Chancellor, and to the Trustees. No one is going to hand us our raises, rights or respect, we have to demand them by working together. Talking with your coworkers about your own membership is the best advertisement we could ask for – they respect you and you respect our Union.

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