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IRP Presentation

August 22, 2019

In Range Progression requests can be made by the employee or the administrator. We have a slideshow that was presented at one of our chapter meetings. A PDF version is posted on our website.

Know Your Rights Position Descriptions

July 26, 2019

CSUEU has a number of documents they label Know Your Rights. One of the most relevant at this time of year is Position Descriptions. If you have wondered about your rights when it comes to your position description, this is the document to read.

State Audit: CSU Conceals $1.5 Billion in Surplus

June 24, 2019

Read the CSUEU news about this finding.

AB 369 Update

June 12, 2019

AB 369 (Weber) passed with a 5-1 vote this morning in the Senate Education Committee. The bill now moves to Senate Appropriations. A communication piece will be sent via Constant Contact today with this information as well as a reminder to write letters to Senators.

Senate Education Committee

  • Connie Leyva - D (Chair) (YES )
  • Scott Wilk - R (Vice Chair) (YES)
  • Ling Ling Chang - R (NOT VOTING)
  • Maria Elena Durazo - D (YES)
  • Steven Glazer - D (NO)
  • Mike McGuire - D (YES)
  • Richard Pan - D (YES)

Also of note: the $100 million ask did not get approved. As you know, two-thirds of CSUEU members are experiencing salary inversion from the lack of moving through the salary range. While AB 369 does not solve the salary inversion, it will prevent the salary gap between new hires and long-term employees from growing worse. To help educate legislators about this inequity – and secure state funding that would close this gap – as part of the state budget deliberations, CSUEU requested $100 million in one-time funding be added to the CSU budget. CSUEU pursued one-time monies due to the Governor’s reluctance to fund new CSU obligations that had ongoing costs. The efforts to educate legislative leaders about the repercussions from not having salary steps – and gain stronger support for AB 369 – we were, unfortunately, unable to acquire the money to close the salary gap. However, a strong foundation has been laid to pursue this funding next year. Hopefully this information is helpful to understand CSUEU’s legislative efforts to address the salary inversion problem for our members.

We encourage chapter employees to write to their Senators.

SDSU Campus Video Policy Update

May 17, 2019

For the last few years, SDSU & CSUEU have been pursing a policy, in conjunction with the CSU, regarding the use of video cameras around the campus. Early this year, we finally reached an agreement where all parties agreed to the following:

"SDSU has installed video monitoring devices on campus used for the purpose of safety and security. This agreement is intended to address the impact of SDSU's video monitoring/recording/storage of footage on these vides on the terms and conditions of CSUEU represented employees. Video is not a supervisory tool. Access to viewing video images shall be limited to campus police/dispatchers or police-designated management personnel identified as having documented need to access video footage. This does not apply to monitoring on public display such as the library cashier's area. This does not apply to setup or technical maintenance of surveillance equipment. This agreement does not apply to surveillance that is conducted specifically for an ongoing criminal investigation."

Additionally, the policy states that "employees have a right to privacy and the right to know when surveillance is being used for security. Surveillance will not be used in areas where employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy." Furthermore, we have agreed that signs must be posted in reasonable proximity to the area under surveillance. Cameras cannot be used for supervision of employees, to include time-keeping and attendance, examination of work, evaluations, etc. Camera footage may be used for discipline when the observed conduct is so egregious that is the basis for formal disciplinary action.

Recently, the Union issued a cease and desist to mounting cameras in non-public locations and have issued a request for information. We are specifically asking for the location of current and planned cameras, documentation showing the need for new cameras and their reason, location of signage, and the identification of those individuals tasked with access to video camera footage. The reason for our cease-and desist pertains to the recent reports of new cameras going up in non-public area. If you witness, locate, or see that a camera is being installed in a non-public area, please let us know. This includes any suspected hidden cameras, that have also been reported.

May Revise Includes Increased Funding

May 16, 2019

The May revision of the CA budget for the upcoming fiscal year has been announced with increased funding for CSU. Read the CSU's article here.


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